1. What’s your advantages?

We are ISO9001 certified direct factory with professional R&D team who can provide you high quality cleaning robots at competitive price. Small MOQ is acceptable. CE, RoHS, FCC certificates are available. Very fast delivery and quick reply to your questions. 

2. Can you do OEM ?

Yes, OEM orders with your custom logo are warmly welcome.

3. What cleaning robots are available?

Window cleaning robot and Floor cleaning robot(also called wet dry vacuum cleaner) are available.

Optional window cleaning robots 

Shape: oval or square

Auto ultrasonic water spray: with or without

Motor: brush or brushless

4. What’s the advantage with the window cleaning robot that sprays?

Window cleaning robot with ultrasonic water spray nozzle (30-50ml water tank) that can nebulize water to mists then sprays it evenly on the glass like the effect of human exhales on the glass which is very easy and convenient. Otherwise, like the one that doesn't spray, you have to remove it from the window and spray the cloth, then attach to the window. Any time you need more spray, you have to remove it and reattach it.

5. Will the window cleaning robot work on a window with a curve?

No, it cleans smooth VERTICAL surfaces, like vertical window, glass, mirror, shower stall, wall tiles and so on.

6. Are your window cleaner robots with remote control?

Yes, you can control the robot via infrared remote or Smartphone APP.

7. Is the glass cleaning robot noisy? roughly how many db?

This quiet glass cleaning robot will let you carry on with your day without intrusive noise. That’s because the robot window cleaner features reduced noise pollution without loss of suction. It’s about 65-70dB.

8. What prevents the robot from falling off a window?

The window cleaning robot doesn’t fall due to powerful sucking to the window. Also an embedded UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Supply ) that lasts up to 20 minutes in case of a power failure. Besides, It comes with a mountaineering grade safety rope and carabiner. Please religiously attach the rope to something to ensure that the robot would not smash onto the floor if it dropped.

9. Can the window cleaning robot wash frameless glass?

Yes, square window cleaner robot can identify the edges and clean frameless glass while oval robot is suitable for framed glass.

10. Do i have to wet the window before cleaning?

No, If the pad is too wet it will not stick. Just spray a small amount of water on the microfiber cloths to make it moist before attaching to the window.

11. Do i have to buy cleaning solution to perform a good cleaning?

Not necessary, clean water works well, but if your windows are too dirty, we suggest to.

12. How to clean windows throughly?

We recommend that you use 3 cleaning pads. One to remove dust, one to wash and a clean one to dry.