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HCR-18 Intelligent Robotic Window Cleaner with Bidirectional Auto Water Spray

Short Description:

Panavox robotic window cleaner with bidirectional movement is designed to clean windows in a two-way motion to ensure that the entire window is thoroughly cleaned. The robot also features sensors that detect obstacles, such as window frames, to help prevent damage to the window. This type of window cleaner is ideal for high-rise buildings and other difficult to reach places.

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Product Parameters

HCR-18 (1)
Input voltage   AC100 to 240V 50Hz to 60Hz
Rated power   80W
Battery Capacity   500mAh
Size   295*145*62mm
Suction force   2800Pa
Net weight   980g
Built-in UPS back up battery   20mins
Control mode   Infrared remote control
Noise   60dB
Frame detection   automatic
Anti-fall control   Ups uninterruptible power supply system/safety cord
Cleaning mode   3 different modes
Water spraying method   Manual/Automatic

9 core performances brighten your world

HCR-18 (2)

One-click to start automatic execution

Easy for your parents and elders to use


Two-way water spraying is more efficient for cleaning

HCR-18 (3)

Saving time and effort

A: When the window cleaning robot cleans to the right, the right nozzle will spray water

B:When the robotic window cleaner cleans to the left, the left nozzle will spray water

HCR-18 (4)
HCR-18 (5)

50ML large water tank

No need to change the water frequently,save time  and effort 

Ultra-thin body

6.2cm thin body is better suited to the environment of guardrail

HCR-18 (18)

2800Pa large suction

Firmly adsorbed ,clean window safely

Design for high-rise window cleaning, Multi-protection Deal with a variety of situations

HCR-18 (6)
HCR-18 (7)

Intelligent detection system plannning path automatically in case of collision

Detect frame intelligently Reduce collision and damage to the glass

3 cleaning modes

HCR-18 (9)
HCR-18 (8)

2 wheels to wipe like hands

No need to worry power failure

The UPS protection system of outage

The window cleaning robot will absorb on the window and alarm persistenly in case of power failure. There is an embeded backup battery in the robotic glass cleaner.

HCR-18 (11)

Work with low decibel

The noise is about 60~70dB

HCR-18 (10)

A good experience comes from the details

The noise is about 60~70dB

Spray water with 2 nozzles

It is more efficient and cleaner than traditional one-way spray

HCR-18 (15)
HCR-18 (12)

Protection of power failure with nut type

Use specially made nut buckle type power adapter to prevent power interruption caused by plug drop Support multi-end extension

Safety rope + safety buckle

With 4m mountaineering safety rope and 80KG tensile strength to ensure the safety of high-rise window cleaning

HCR-18 (14)
HCR-18 (13)

Powerful brushless motor

Powerful brushless motor

Product Details

HCR-18 (16)

Product Configurations

HCR-18 (17)

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