Hailing Island Happy Tour


On September 22, 2022, Dongguan Huidi office staff took our bags and embarked on the bus from Dongguan to Hailing Island, starting a 2-day happy journey. Everyone in the car laughed and sang emotionally, and the melodious singing resounded throughout the journey.


On the way, we passed the Hailing embankment to see two wonders of Hailing. Sea water is half clear half turbid & road is half black and white, and the national first-class protection of viviparous plants mangrove.
Arriving at Hailing Island about 4 hours later. We enjoyed a seafood feast and then headed to Dajiao Bay Beach, which is known as "Pattaya in China", where you can swim, surf, and enjoy the sun, sea and beach. Then visiting China's first large-scale beach sea park with spiral slides, cannon barrels, sled slides, wave blanket (rainbow) slides, competition slides, crazy landslides, lazy rivers and other thrilling and exciting water sports.


"DIY BBQ" and bonfire carnival on the beach.
At night, everyone enjoys delicious food while grilling on the beach, singing, swinging on the swings, listening to the beautiful music and the sound of the waves, which is very pleasant. After that, the bonfire party started, everyone sang and danced around a blazing bonfire and played a variety of games.


The next morning, we went fishing in a fishing boat. The sea scenery is so beautiful, blue sky, green island, and the blue sea are mixed into one. Birdsong, fishermen's songs, the sound of the waves are one after another. The strange rocks and waves are rising, and seagulls are accompanied by the fisherman, which is a beautiful and magnificent natural landscape. During the journey, or the fish leaps and the warblers are flying, the rays of the sun are shining, and you can watch the magnificent sunrise on the sea; the sea and the sky are the same color, and you can experience the boundless sea.


In the afternoon, Dongguan Huidi team ended the pleasant trip and returned to our warm home!


Post time: Sep-28-2022