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HCR-15 Panavox Window Cleaning Robot Automatic Robotic Glass Cleaner with ultrasonic water spray

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Panavox window cleaning robot is a free-moving, adaptable, and intelligent appliance that adheres to your windows and moves the surface until every inch is spotless. The robot cleaner runs safely and freely, so that you can do what you like and enjoy your life. No matter the mess, let Panavox brighten up your view.

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Window cleaning robot parameters

Input voltage AC100〜240V 50Hz-60Hz
Rated power 80W
Battery capacity 500mAh
Dimension 295*145*100mm
Suction power 2800Pa
Net weight 1070g
UPS power failure protection time 20min
Way to control Infrared remote control
Noise 65dB
Border detection automatic
Fall arrest control Ups Uninterruptible Power System / Safety Rope
Cleaning mode 3 types
Water spraying method Manual / Auto

Innovative design robot to brighten up your view

HCR-15 (1)

Automatic Water Spray

Breaking through the limitation of traditional window cleaning robots that can only wipe dry, while  Panavox glass cleaner has function of wet cleaning. It sprays mist-like water vapor automatically instead of manual water spray during work.

One group of water spray points

Ultrasonic nozzle can atomize water  droplets of 18 microns. Mixing with clean glass water, it can spray and wipe, easily dissolves and removes grime, make glass smooth and transparent.

HCR-15 (2)
HCR-15 (3)

40ML water tank

When water tank is full of water, window cleaning robot can clean the whole house which is super environmentally-friendly and water-saving. 1 square meter can be cleaned with 1ml water. 30-50 square meters can be cleaned with one tank of water which can meet the needs of users.

Rotation brush glass

Alternately cycling can help you transparently clean glass surfaces as you want. Two wheels twist and wipe like manual wiping.

HCR-15 (4)

Suck Rub Suck Rub

HCR-15 (5)

Alternate Water Spray and Wipe

HCR-15 (6)

Wet and dry clean

HCR-15 (7)

Smart Routes Planning

AI-controlled routes which use a set of sensors and circuitry to track where it’s been and where it needs to go next. High coverage, less-missed wiping area, low repetition, able to identify edges and avoid collision.

HCR-15 (8)

3 Intelligent path planning modes

HCR-15 (9)

Multiple Safety Protection

HCR-15 (10)

2800Pa Suction Power

Double-disc adsorption, powerful cleaning

② Edge detection

The path is adjusted in real time to prevent collision

HCR-15 (12)
HCR-15 (11)

③ UPS Power-off Protection System

The window cleaner can adsorb on the glass for 20 minutes after power failure

④ Mountaineering Grade Safety Rope + Safety Buckle

Ensure safety of window cleaning

HCR-15 (13)
HCR-15 (14)

One Key To Start Intelligent Control

Simple operation, just click the start button of window cleaning robot to automatically plan the route which is easy and convenient for users to operate.

Infrared Remote Control

Both front and back sides of window vacuum cleaner robot can receive remote control signals.

To replace battery of remote control, please push down the battery cover of the remote control’s back side.

HCR-15 (15)

Ultra-thin body, anti-theft windows can also be wiped


HCR-15 (16)
HCR-15 (17)

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Vacuum motor is matched with microfiber cleaning cloth, which is completely surrounded and rotated to wipe the dust, so that stains will not run around and glass will be cleaner.

HCR-15 (18)

14.5cm high cleanliness wheels are faster, cleaner and better to use

HCR-15 (19)

Washer Robot Detail Drawing

HCR-15 (20)

Glass Cleaner Body & Accessories

HCR-15 (21)

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