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HDX700 Panavox Smart Upright Floor Vacuum Cleaner 3-In-1

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As we all know, a clean home can make us feel comfortable and happy. But it’s not easy to clean floors, especially for a big house. That’s why we develop the Smart Upright Floor Vacuum Cleaner which can help you clean floors and keep your house tidy.

Panavox cordless vacuum cleaner with 50 minutes long runtime can vacuum, wash and mop your floors at the same time, and even clean edges without leaving any tracks. So with this wet and dry vacuum cleaner, it is no longer a headache after your child accidentally spills milk, noodles, eggs, etc. on the floor. You will know how helpful it is in your life when you get the 3-in-1 smart vacuum cleaner.

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1800rpm roller brush for efficient cleaning

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One-Touch to Self-Cleaning

One touch to start self-cleaning function. With cleaning solution, self-cleaning cycle automatically removes hair, dirt, and debris from the brush roller and tube and keeps your hands dirt-free.

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Strong cleaning power comes from the core motor, which runs at about 25,000 revolutions per minute

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New and upgraded technology

TWO TANK DESIGN: 3-in-1 vacuum, wash and mop combo has separate clean and dirty water tanks. No need to change the water tank frequently and it ensures you always wash your floors with clean water.

High RPM High cleaning power

The vacuum cleaner can mop floor 1800 times per minute

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Vacuum, wash and mop in one step

Instead of 3 cleaning tools, you only need 1 unit Panavox upright floor vacuum cleaner to clean your home fast. 

Ideal for daily messes, sticky messes, and pet hair.

Panavox floor washer gives you the freedom to track down messes, no need to worry about moving buckets, cords, mops and heavy vacuums while cleaning.The lightweight, cordless and handheld design is easy to take anywhere, up and down stairs. 

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Upright Cleaners Information

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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Drawing

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