The benefits of a window cleaning robot

In the era of AI intelligence, our life has become more and more convenient. The most difficult thing in household cleaning every year is cleaning the glass. The intelligent window cleaning robot breaks the traditional manual mode and operates completely automatically. However, many people may think that it is very expensive after seeing the price of thousands of RMB online. Or think that you only clean the windows once a year, is it worth buying a window cleaning robot? Will it be very tasteless? basically because you have not used it, or you have not realized the benefits brought by the window cleaner.

HCR-15A  (9)
HCR-15 (16)

Automatic alarm after cleaning finished, the whole process of automatic operation

Even in the cold winter, you don't need to do it yourself, just operate the remote control with one button, and the window cleaning robot will start to wipe it automatically. After cleaning, it will return to the original point and alarm.

There is no need to climb up and down, you can watch TV or play your mobile phone for a while, then the glass will be clean.

Specially designed for high-rise, safe and secure

No need to climb up the window tremblingly and no need to put a chair, the window cleaning robot is like Spiderman, taking care of your safety. The outer window can be easily wiped, and the vacuum motor it uses can generate a super high pressure of 2800pa strong adsorption force. The UPS anti-power-off system is equipped with a safety rope, so that the high-rise window cleaning is safe and secure.

HCR-15 (7)

In addition to being able to wipe tiles, the window cleaning robot can also clean mirrors, bathrooms, tiles, etc. and of course their surfaces should be vertical and smooth. This is definitely a great helper for people who often do housework.

Many friends say that the glass in my house is cleaned once a year, at most two or three times; the current situation is indeed the case, but who doesn’t want the window to be clean, it’s just because cleaning the glass is too troublesome. And hiring a housekeeping staff needs to make an appointment and accompany the whole process which is not convenient at all.

It is better to get a robot window cleaner, because you can clean windows anytime and anywhere. You will feel more relaxed and happy when windows are bright and clean every day.

Post time: Oct-24-2022