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HCR-11 Panavox Smart Window Cleaning Robot With Ultrasonic Water Spray

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How often do you clean windows? Like most people, you probably just let smudges and stains settle on your windows and wait for the rain to wash them away. Window cleaning is not just a tedious task but dangerous as well. Imagine if you have to clean your high-rise windows, how terrible is it? Fortunately, a high-tech window cleaning robot is a great way to keep your glass clean, eliminating the risk of injuries or falling out of your window.


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HCR-11 (1)
Input voltage AC100~240V 50Hz~60Hz
Rated power 80W
Battery capacity 500mAh
Dimension                        295*145*90mm
Suction force 2800Pa
 Net weight 1065g
UPS power-off  protection time 20min
Control mode Infrared remote control
 Noise     65dB
Border detection Automatic
Water tank capacity 30ml
Water spray method Manual / Auto
Cleaning mode 3 kinds
Anti-fall control Ups uninterrupted power
supply system / safety rope  

30ml water tank, border detection, smart routes planning, ultra-thin body

HCR-11 (2)


Atomized water spray technology

Atomization dust removal technology

Now sticky stain is easier to remove. The capacity of water tank is large enough to fill once and wipe the whole house twice. Once the tank is full of water, it can wipe 20-30 square meters of glass. It evenly sprays water every 10 seconds. Water tank can be filled with water, glass water and non-corrosive cleaning products

HCR-11 (3)
HCR-11 (4)

Automatic Water Spray

This robotic window cleaner designed with ultrasonic water spray nozzle (30ml water tank), you don't need to freehand spray water any more, it can clean your windows more precisely and thoroughly.

One set of water spray points

1 square meter glass can be cleaned with 1.4ml water. Automatic water spray can precisely control output moist but does not make wet. It tactfully balances the spray pressure and output water to achieve ideal humidity in wiping area. Metal water sprayer accurately sprays 0.1ml water each time.

 Four in one of adsorption, dust locking, decontamination, water saving. 

HCR-11 (5)

Alternately spraying and wiping

Water spray accurately covers entire wiping area. Points of nozzle angle frequently spray water and wipe the wet area with a high proportion and high cleaning rate. Window cleaning robot automatically sprays water and can polish the dirt away which is suitable for large glass, mirror, window and other smooth surfaces.

HCR-11 (6)

Two wheels rotation brush glass

Two wheels, one twists and one wipes, imitating manual hand wipe. Round cleaning wheel imitates  gestures to twist the waist and swing the hips to achieve 70 rpm rubbing movement, so glass cleaning can get twice the result with half the effort.

“A” cleaning wheel will always be on top and repeatedly wiping the area wiped by “B” cleaning wheel. Wheel “B” will always be underneath and wipe first.

HCR-11 (7)
HCR-11 (8)

14.5cm diameter wheel is faster, cleaner and easier to use

Oval window cleaning robot adopts more advanced sensor built-in technology. Compared with the model which is with sensor in the corner, it can fit window corners more closely. Iconic 14.5cm diameter disc takes into account dual requirements of cleaning speed and cleaning rate to meet the needs of comprehensive cleaning.

Vacuum motor and microfiber cleaning cloth can easily clean the glass

Vacuum motor is matched with microfiber cleaning cloth, which is completely surrounded and rotated to wipe the dust, so that stains will not run around and glass will be cleaner.


Safer with double disc suction

Electronic window cleaning robot works with a built-in vacuum motor, which helps it to suck air and to stand on the glass surface. Single disc suction power is equal to 2800Pa, double suction wheels with double adsorption, with multiple safety protection to ensure the safety of window cleaner. 

HCR-11 (11)

Border detection

Automatic window-cleaner has intelligent detection system. It can change path to keep on cleaning the surface as encountering with border of window, glass wall, mirror or any kind of wiping area.

HCR-11 (12)

UPS power failure backup system

In the event of a sudden power outage, Panavox glass cleaning robot instantly switches to power from the internal battery, which is enough for 20 minutes of operation and alarms continuously. Also with the climbing level safety rope to enhance the safety of high-level window cleaning.

HCR-11 (13)
HCR-11 (14)

Ultra-thin body

With 295*195*90mm lightweight, body security windows can also be wiped, as one-handed operation can be done without pressure. 

Autonomous path planning of artificial intelligence technology

Equipped with artificial intelligence technology, automatic window cleaning robot can plan smart routes, reduce manual intervention, automatically clean the surface in a bow-shaped way.

HCR-11 (15)
HCR-11 (16)
HCR-11 (17)

Remote control Instruction

The front and back of robotic window cleaner can receive remote control signals. If you want to replace the battery, push down the battery cover at the back of remote control.

Window cleaner parameter

HCR-11 (18)

Robot body & Accessories

HCR-11 (19)

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