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HCR-23 Panavox robotic window cleaner for intelligent window clening

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HCR-23 Panavox window cleaning robot helps you clean glass, tile and more surfaces with frame or not in your home. It contains all the specialized details you want, like square body design for corners, uninterrupted power supply system and safety rope. With its intelligent routes planning and automatic water spray, the robotic window cleaner thoroughly clean off dust and stains, giving you a brighter view.

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Window Clean Robot
Input voltage AC100 ~ 240V 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Rated power 72W
Battery capacity 500mAh
Overall dimension 215*215*74mm
Suction force 2500Pa
Net weight 1300g
UPS power-off protection 20mins
Control mode Wireless remote control - APP
Noise 65dB
Borderless detection Automatic
Anti-falling control UPS uninterrupted power supply system / safety rope
Cleaning mode Three modes
Water spraying mode Manual/Automatic


Cleaning has never been so easier like this.

One-click start operation during your playful time.

HCR-23-1 (1)

9 core features give you a clear vision

HCR-23-1 (2)

Protection measures intelligently anticipate danger

Safely and comfortably clean high-rise windows, make glasses clean and transparent from inside to outside, clear and brighten your view.

HCR-23-1 (3)

Multiple safety protections intelligently avoid risks.

Be relieved to use the  window cleaner at tall buildings.

01、UPS power-off protection

Uninterrupted adsorption for 20 minutes.

03、2500Pa large suction

Firmly adsorbed against falling.

02、Early deceleration before boundary

Avoid bumping and protect window from damage.

04、Mountaineery safety rope
135kg load bearing capacity.

Intelligent ultrasonic atomizer, bidirectional water spray.

Metal atomizer plate - automatically spray fine mist of water when cleaning,
precisely spray 0.1ml water every time, replace manually wetting windows,
and save you more efforts.

Install water nozzles on two sides.

Left side sprays water when it cleans towards left. Right side sprays water when it cleans towards right.

HCR-23-1 (4)
HCR-23-1 (5)

Efficient ultrasonic water nozzles. Atomize 18um water.

Ultrasonic atomizers combined with glass detergent strongly soften and remove stubborn stains.

Wet wipe to make glass cleaner

Spraying water and cleaning at the same time leave no marks.
Robot can still dry clean when water tank is empty.

HCR-23-1 (6)
HCR-23-1 (7)

Human-simulated window cleaning mode wipes and cleans forward.

In which effect is no less clean than manual wipe.

Your vision can be clear in a moment.

40ML water tank

Anti-collision, smart routes planning. 

Precise sensor, intelligent edge detection. Upgraded obstacle avoidance, adjust its path when touching frame, reduce bumping and damaging glass.


Precise wet wipe, double tanks technology
The capacity is big enough, filling once can clean twice for the whole family. Full water tank can be used for 30-50 square meters of glass. It can be filled with clean water, washer fluid, and other noncorrosive cleaning products.

Voice assistant. Broadcast in real time.

Voice assistant gives clear messages better than the prompt tone,
timely alarming when encountering danger.
Friendly and warmly remind you of new situation, and make window cleaning simple from tedious.

Window cleaner voice function

Remote control voice function

HCR-23-1 (9)
HCR-23-1 (8)

User-friendly interaction makes you convenient.

APP remote control helps you enjoy smart cleaning, and provides you a simple, convenient and intelligent cleaning lifestyle.

HCR-23-1 (10)
HCR-23-1 (11)

360 degree roller design.
Round and smooth.
No stuck problem.

7.4cm ultra-thin body freely pass through steel guardrails and anti-theft window.

HCR-23-1 (13)
HCR-23-1 (12)

Square body design ° for reducing missing spots

After constantly comparing, it is found that square machine is more suitable for windows with its high working coverage and less spots missing. The hard-to reach corners of windows from outside can also be accessible to the window cleaning robot.

HCR-23-1 (14)

The square machine misses less places.

The round machine misses more places.

Border detection technology sensitively detects edges.

Not strictly restrained by frames, suitable for various places in your home.

HCR-23-1 (15)

UPS power-off protection for 20 minutes

Still adsorb on surfaces for 20 minutes and constantly alarm you.
Equipped with mountaineering safety rope for safely cleaning high-rise windows.

HCR-23-1 (16)

UPS power-off protection for20 minutes

Still adsorb on surfaces for 20 minutes and constantly alarm you.Equipped with mountaineering safety rope for safely cleaning high-rise windows.

Window cleaner voice function  (3)
Window cleaner voice function  (4)

2500Pa suction

The robotic window cleaner with its strong downward pressure can identify glass and adsorb on the surface as soon as you place it. Remove stains and dirts from various verticle surfaces.

Strong vacuum suction.
Strong cleaning power for anti-falling.
Strong vertical load-bearing capacity.

HCR-23 (6)
HCR-23 (1)

One-click start automatic execution

Main control chip, responsible for the automatic intelligent working function.

HCR-23 (7)

Specialized nonskid crawler

Multi-layer composite matrix design, innovative synthetic material.
Outer layer is highly adhesive silicone. Middle layer is highly resilient compounded rubber. Gears with strong friction sets at the innner layer, specially designed for adsorbing on the glossy surfaces.

HCR-23 (2)

Upgraded rotated angles do not damage frames and edges.

After promotion, it is safer to use the bearing rotated angles, which will not damage frames and edges when turning at the window corner.

HCR-23 (4)

Active Noise Canceling does not disturb your life.

Use advanced brushless motor with active noise canceling technology. Optimize the air duct in order not to disturb the family, making a more comfortable lifestyle.

HCR-23 (5)

Precise and intelligent routes planning

Effectilvely and thoroughly wipe and clean all the places.
After finish, the robot will automatically back to the original place,helping you easily take it from high-rise glasses.

HCR-23-1 (17)

A variety of cleaning modes for options

Daily cleaning can be handled by this automatic cleaning machine.
Just one-click start, fulfilling your different needs.
Your personal cleaner is on call.

HCR-23-1 (18)

Upgraded routes planning for high efficiency

Clean regularly, work effectively, clean widely, and wipe clearly.

Able to recognize
Recognize different environments.
Straight to corners.

Able to plan
Intelligent location planning.
Widely cover places and less miss spots.

Able to avoid obstacles
Intelligently sense edges.
Closely detour obstacles.

Able to remember
After cleaning completed, the robot automatically backs to the original place.

HCR-23-1 (21)

5-layer microfiber cloth for high efficiency.

MIcrofiber cloth characterizes in dusting and water absorption for higher efficiency and better care for surfaces. With microfiber texture, the window cleaning cloth can finely deal with sorts of stains for not damaging windows and have excellent water absorption function for dry or wet wipe.

HCR-23-1 (20)

Product details

HCR-23-1 (24)
HCR-23-1 (19)

Product accessories

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