HCR-12 Panavox New Generation Smart Robotic Window Cleaner with automatic ultrasonic spray

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Window cleaning is one of the toughest task in household cleaning, because safety risk is always an unavoidable problem. PANAVOX robotic window cleaner simplifies care of windows and allows you to safely wash windows from outside, even where access is difficult and dangerous.

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Atomized Water Spray,Powerful Cleaning

HCR-12 (2)
HCR-12 (3)
Input voltage AC100〜240V 50Hz〜60Hz
Rated power 80W
Battery capacity 500mAh
Dimension 295*145*75mm
Water tank capacity 30ml
Suction force 2800Pa
Net weight 1.05KG
Control mode Infrared remote control
Noise 65dB
Borderless detection automatic
Anti-fall control Ups uninterrupted power supply system / safety rope
Water spray method Manual / automatic
Cleaning mode 3 kinds


Input AC100 〜240V 50Hz 〜60Hz
Output 24V 3.75A

Technical upgrades

HCR-12 (1)

Are you still afraid of High-rise window cleaning?

HCR-12 (4)

Water spray to save time and effort

Smart water spray can efficiently dry and wet the surface as wiping to remove stains. It provides dual-use safety, easy and fast. Wiping windows with water spray can change dirty surfaces into more shiny and cleaner one. Empty water tank can also be used for normal dry wipe.

HCR-12 (5)

HCR-12  Panavox New Generation Smart Robotic Window Cleaner with automatic ultrasonic spray

HCR-12 (7)

Smart routes planning

Panavox window cleaning robot with smart routes planning that use a set of sensors and circuitry to track where it’s been and where it needs to go next.

Crafting multi-step cleaning processes for leaving a sparkling finish.

3 directional modes

To meet different cleaning needs

One key to start daily cleaning,

Remote  control  signal  can  go  through  the  wall,  3 modes to switch at will.

HCR-12 (8)
HCR-12 (9)

Remote control manual

The front and back of robotic window cleaner can receive remote  control signals. If you want to replace the battery, push down the battery cover at the back of remote control.

Accurate multilateral position detection

When robot window washer reaches glass edges, it can stop and return to continue working.

HCR-12 (10)

Double disc twist wipe to clean transparently

Alternating cycle can wipe window clean.

HCR-12 (11)
HCR-12 (12)
HCR-12 (13)

UPS power failure backup system

The glass cleaning robots with Uninterruptible  Power  System(UPS)  that lasts up to 20 minutes in case of a power failure and continuous alarm.

Also with the climbing level safety rope to enhance the safety of high-rise window cleaning.

HCR-12 (14)
HCR-12 (15)

2800Pa suction power

Once the window cleaner is put on the glass,  it can recognize glass and bring strong downward pressure, all kinds of  stains can be wiped away.

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Window cleaner with microfiber cloth can clean all kinds of dirt, dust, particles, oil stains, bird droppings, etc. 

Replaceable, reusable, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

HCR-12 (16)

Robot details

HCR-12 (17)

Washer robot accessories

HCR-12 (18)

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